Are CBD gummy bears addictive?

Are CBD gummy bears addictive?

The word addiction naturally connotes negativity and points to danger if not destruction.  Any wise person knows to avoid addiction like the plague, but it can be hard for people hooked on something to let go because at first, it gets worse for them before it eventually gets better. When you're addicted, your body is used to the instant gratification the object of its desire gives it.

Denying gratification can aggravate the consequences of the addiction if you do not properly monitor the process of recovery. Many people get addicted to many things, one of which is the illegal drug, cannabis popularly known as marijuana.

Is CBD Addictive

 Marijuana or cannabis contains THC which is the major compound that triggers the feeling of euphoria, sedation, and intoxication which in turn impairs user's movement coordination and thoughts. When addicted recreational users of this drug attempt to stop usage, they experience some adverse effects like extreme cold and shaking, loss of muscle control, skin paleness and more.

Although cannabis is still very much illegal in many states and used in only some serious medical situations as an alternative treatment in small and strictly monitored amounts, some people still find a way to take it at will. CBD or cannabidiol, on the other hand, can be called the safer option that works effectively.

Even though it is extracted from the hemp stalk and the hemp belongs to the cannabis family, CBD is still by far not the same as marijuana. CBD has less than 0.3% or only trace amounts of THC content and as such lacks intoxicating properties like marijuana.

Meaning that you are as safe as you can be with CBD products as long as you use as recommended. CBD is not just a fancy name for another fancy recreational drug. It is a highly beneficial substance that many are beginning to tag 'the miracle cure' due to its myriad benefits to a wide range of ailments.

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 It is an antioxidant, an immunosuppressant, an anti-seizure, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory supplement that addresses anxiety, external and internal inflammations, suppresses the growth of damaging cells, reduces the occurrence of epileptic seizures, as well as skin ailments such as acne.

Do you still wonder why people see it as a miracle? It now treats and prevents conditions that before now were termed 'incurable' or 'hopeless.'

Why CBD Gummies?

There are numerous CBD products these days. From CBD infused cocktail drinks and soft drinks to CBD coffees, CBD serums, creams, tinctures, vaporizers, the classic CBD oil and of course, CBD gummies. Medicinal Gummies or even cannabis-infused Gummies are not new to the market either, and so it is simply a matter of switching to a better and healthier option for people who prefer the herbal alternative for treating themselves.

It is also a great choice for anyone who is just about to begin the herbal journey to wellness. Also, gummies work for those who find the taste of the traditional CBD oil unpleasant because they gummies taste better than some Cureganics CBD oils. If you're the type who will prefer to use your CBD supplement without drawing unwanted attention to yourself, then CBD gummies are for you.

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As to the issue of addiction, CBD is not intoxicating in any way and therefore unlikely to get you addicted. That said, it is still wise to begin consumption of CBD Gummies in the first few weeks with small dosages till you observe the perfect pattern that works for the ailment you're treating.

When you understand your body, it becomes easier to know how much to take in and when to stop. In all, CBD Gummies are non-addictive. Well, except you consider better health addictive, then you're welcome to stay glued to CBD gummies. It is sure an exciting way to stay healthy.

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