What you Need to know About CBD With Zero THC

What you Need to know About CBD With Zero THC


With Congress poised to legalize the cultivation and the production of industrial hemp for several uses, and the creation of biomass for extracting CBD oil, many questions remain unanswered. How will DEA reschedule cannabidiol oil now that Epidiolex has been legalized as pharmaceutical cannabidiol isolate? Can FDA regulate CBD derived from hemp? What policies can be implemented in order to ensure easy and wide access to top CBD gummies and oil which have been lab-verified? Are CBD gummies with zero THC or not?

We encourage users to purchases hemp-derived CBD products made from the female unfertilized tops of high-resin cannabidiol-rich cannabis (also known as marijuana), which is better for medicinal CBD oil extraction than low-resin industrial hemp or fiber hemp, grown for protein and seed oil.

Presently, the most fertile source of cannabidiol is high-resin cannabidiol-rich cannabis that is slightly above the legal limit of 0.3% THC, thus making it unqualified as industrial hemp. Hemp was defined by the 2014 Farm Bill as “cannabis with not more than 0.3% THC in all parts of the plant. In case the THC level is above 0.3%, it is considered to be a marijuana plant under federal law.

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Research have discovered that significant discrepancies exist between some of the most influential hemp-derived CBD products brands that falsely claim to have CBD-rich oil in their product, whereas lab test conducted on these products revealed only a single cannabinoid was present signifying that these products were formulated with CBD isolate instead of a more effective whole plant CBD rich extract.

Another challenge is that most excessively processed hemp-derived CBD products are corrupted by different toxic solvent residues, such as artificial colors and flavors, corn syrup, and other contaminants.

These are two major challenges for anyone wanting to buy the best CBD product on the market.

However good top quality CBD-rich products are still available on the market. So which products deserve your trust?



  • Opt for CBD products formulated with hemp grown from places like Kentucky, Colorado, Vermont, Oregon, Tennessee, etc. We suggest you look for those companies in states that have legalized the medical use and recreation of cannabis, this is because they tend to have stricter regulations and standards.
  • Choose “full spectrum” CBD hemp extracts, not distillate, isolate or products labeled "no THC" or "pure CBD." Full spectrum CBD products include a small amount of THC (minimum of 0.3%) in abiding by the legal hemp definition. In case THC is totally illegal in your state, choose the so-called "broad spectrum" CBD-rich products which include cannabis components but zero THC.
  • Look for hemp-derived CBD product labels that reveal the amount of THC and CBD per serving, and not only the total cannabinoid content in the entire bottle.
  • Beware of those companies that make explicit claims about cannabidiol products as this is not allowed by FDA.
  • Choose CBD-rich products like CBD gummies with zero THC or CBD oil made from high-resin cannabis, sustainably grown in accordance with authorized regenerative organic standards.
  • Avoid buying poor quality CBD gummies formulated with artificial colors and corn syrup.
  • Don’t be scared to contact a CBD hemp oil company directly, in case you have questions to ask. And if you can’t reach them directly, then try another brand.

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Generally, with proper application of these tips, your quest on finding the best hemp-derived CBD product on the market, such as CBD gummies with zero THC, should be less stressful. However, we suggest you click on the link below to know more about one of the most recommended CBD product on the market.


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