CBD Isolate Softgeles THC Free

CBD Isolate Softgeles THC Free


While cannabis and marijuana have been used for over 4,000 years by both women and men, it wasn’t until recently that the immense potential of this humble herb came to light.

With scientific research into cannabis sativa and its cannabinoids on the increase, the plant has become more understood and well-known across the world; this has led to all 50 states of America, legalizing the CBD compound derived from the hemp plant, with some states having legalized the herb for recreational use!

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But can Organic Cannabidiol oil, CBD oil, and other CBD-infused products, be more useful for men than they are for women?

In this post, we will discuss how CBD benefits both men and women alike, and whether CBD can improve libido?

How Does CBD Work?

CBD works mostly via interaction with our body's ECS (endocannabinoid system): this is a relatively recent discovery, and scientists everywhere are still trying to comprehend the chemical interplay between CBD products and the human brain.

A vital difference we have observed is that CBD gummies and oil may have slightly different effects for different users. Why is this? Do we not all have bodies and brains that generally function the same way?

The fact is, CBD products will not have the same sort of effect on every user, and the genders may also experience some slight differences in how CBD oil, and CBD gummies for anxiety (pain) (insomnia), etc., will affect them.

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It is true that CBD affects users differently. A primary reason for this includes gender. It appears that women and men may experience slightly different symptoms when using CBD-infused products: this is likely since we have very different genetic makeup at the chemical level. We also vary in, shape, physical health level, body mass, size, lifestyle, and more.

Men And CBD.

There are some significant differences between males and females especially when it comes down to sensitivity to CBD products

The symptoms may be present in both genders; however, in general, it seems as if males experience these effects more strongly or more often than females.

Some of the significant ways in which men experience different symptoms from CBD use include having more cases of psychosis and less pain relief, as well as instances of severe hunger (munchies).


Men And CBD


Women and CBD.

Some of the critical ways that CBD-infused products affect women especially is by influencing their estrogen levels, helping to increase pain-relief, and may even boost libido; but there are a few downsides as well.

Women and CBD


While smoking marijuana, there are some principal differences in the way women become intoxicated as opposed to men.

Females are far more likely than males to become more forgetful when high, experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking weed, and they may develop tolerance faster.

Which is not necessarily the case when it comes to ingesting CBD gummies, and CBD oil Reviews - as these do not cause users to get high since they do not contain high levels of the THC cannabinoid.

CBD And The Woman’s Libido.

Estrogen is THE major hormone in females. It influences everything from mood, to interest in sex, to menstrual cycle.

Because CBD may affect this hormone, it can modulate a woman’s interest in sex – libido - as well. There is a small catch to this; however, in small doses, CBD may cause an increase in a woman's sexual desire while a higher dose, seems to have an opposite effect. Once again, estrogen is the culprit behind this effect.

In high doses, the THC compound might interfere with estrogen thereby making one lose any interest in sex. For better results, choose a lower THC strain (about 14%).

CBD And The Woman’s Libido

The CBD compound, on the other hand, does not have similar effects that products with higher THC levels do since it does not have any mind-altering abilities and therefore cannot get you high.

In summary, because females have different genetic makeup and hormones from males, they may experience varying effects from using CBD gummies, CBD oil, and any other cannabis product.

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