Cats with arthritis will enjoy a gift: CBD oil

Cats with arthritis will enjoy a gift: CBD oil

Chances of feline arthritis in cats increase with age.  This degenerative disease causes pain and joint inflammation. While surgical therapies are effective treatment options for this condition, they are relatively expensive. Although some more affordable modern medications can help relieve the pains, they trigger some adverse health conditions.

These challenges have increased the search for less expensive and more natural cancer treatments for their pets. Do you fall into this class of arthritis-relief seekers? Would you like to know the effects of CBD for arthritis in cats or feline joint pain?

CBD oil for cat arthritis might be your best bet. cbd oil cat arthritis

cbd for cats


What is CBD oil?

CBD is a 100% organic non-psychoactive cannabis extract. CBD, among other effects, contains high-potent therapeutic properties that help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. cbd oil for cats with arthritis

Do you seek a more natural way to treat your cat’s arthritis? Are you into finding the best CBD oil for feline joint pain? Look no further.

Here's a brief – but complete – guide to how CBD can help your cat for Feline Osteoarthritis. hemp oil for cats arthritis

 cbd for cats arthritis

What is Feline Osteoarthritis?

Popularly termed feline arthritis, Feline Osteoarthritis is a progressive joint disease that causes pain. The hips, elbows, and shoulders of cats are most susceptible to this condition. While some cats are diagnosed with this condition quite early, arthritis in cats is mostly associated with old age – and aggravates over time. cbd oil arthritis cats

What are the Symptoms of Arthritis in Cat?

As a cat owner, you want to be sure of some signs to watch out for which points to arthritis in your cat. Here are the most common – among other – symptoms of feline arthritis:

  • Stiffness and Limping
  • Altered gait
  • Difficulty climbing
  • Inability to jump
  • Difficulty in standing

Watch out – and do well to contact your vet immediately you notice any of these symptoms

cbd oil for cats


What Causes Arthritis In cats?

Just as in humans, animals experience natural degeneration of joint – its part of the aging process.

In-between joint bones lie cartilages that diminish over time. This gradual reduction causes painful inflammation in the joints.

It could be a bit tricky to place why some cats get arthritis, and others don’t. However, infections and injury are chief causes.

Also, experts say obese cats are more susceptible to arthritis than more fit ones.


CBD Oil for Arthritis in Cats (feline joint pain)

The scarcity of anti-inflammatory drugs for cats makes arthritis in cat a considerable challenge for owners. Conventional prescriptions for pain and inflammation, users say, leave their cats with other complex health conditions.

Kidney and liver-related issues are common among these health conditions. This has made pet owners to, instead, opt for organic options – amongst which Cannabidiol is worthy of special mention.

Cannabidiol – popularly called CBD – is a natural non-psychoactive cannabis extract that binds with the endocannabinoid system in your body to offer a range of therapeutic benefits.

Notable among these effects are pain relief and anti-inflammation.


Generally, besides studies on CBD oil, testimonies from users abound on the effectiveness of the herb-extract. Interestingly, its non-psychoactive state makes it even more adorable, as it will not leave your pet high or immobile.

Do you seek a natural and more affordable solution for cat arthritis CBD oil for feline joint pain your best bet. Check out a range of CBD oil-infused products at cureganics 

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