CBD Rubs Topical for Pain Relief

CBD Rubs Topical for Pain Relief

If you are a CBD user, it’s hard not to thank nature daily for the availability of cannabis, a herb with tons of benefits. For once, over the counter drugs, Ibuprofen and Tylenol that become harmful with frequent use can finally take a back seat all thanks to CBD rubs for pain.

CBD pain rubs combined with other practices like self-care, and physical rehabilitation can effectively and safely produce lasting results from chronic pain. What’s even more interesting about this remedy is that it is non-addictive, non-toxic with virtually no adverse effects just like top CBD gummies.

The CBD rubs, just like the CBD gummies, have lived up to expectations and are fast gaining the same acceptance as the organic CBD cannabidiol gummies and tinctures.  What’s more? Millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain are on the lookout for effective natural treatments, and CBD rubs offer just that.

CBD Rubs Topical for Pain Relief


So, Exactly What Are CBD Pain Rubs?

CBD pain relief rubs are made by infusing high-CBD cannabis flowers in a preferred lightweight oil to extract active compounds, including CBD and other terpenes. Other herbs with therapeutic benefits are also mixed with it.

Are They Safe For Use?

Yes, just like the best CBD gummies or oil or tincture on the market, they are safe unless you order an inferior product from an untrusted source, which is why you should ensure you get yours from a vetted and licensed dispensary. That said as other well extracted and processed CBD products, CBD pain rubs are entirely safe for use.

Do They Work?

While researches on using CBD as rubs may not be as extensive as those on tinctures and other products, CBD itself is a known pain reliever and as such the efficacy is almost always certain for many users. If for some reason it doesn’t work, discontinue and try a different formulation, however, keep in mind that most good ones work with the CBD intact.

Generally, they are safe and may only be risky if not working as planned but research even suggests that many CBD-infused products may be able to relieve not just arthritic pain or sore muscles but chronic conditions like MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

CBD has been touted for its anti-inflammatory effect, and this has been proven again and again by science and thousands of users everywhere.  However, the amount of active CBD contained (you don’t want too much or too little), are some of the factors you should consider if you are looking to use CBD pain rubs.


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Can CBD Rubs Get You “High”?

CBD is very much unlike THC and thus, will not get you high. Even when combined with THC, the rubs still won’t get you high used topically.   Also, unlike transdermal methods, rubs may only penetrate the outer layer of your skin instead of going through the skin and penetrating your bloodstream.

Any Risk Involved In Trying the Rubs?

There are no known risks of using CBD rubs, especially when sourced from a quality dispensary. As said earlier, the worst that could happen when trying CBD pain relief rub from vetted sources is that it may not work for you as much as you’d like even when it works for another. That is because everyone is different and we all have unique physiologies and what works well for others may not work for you.  Also, low or zero effectiveness might imply that the blend you pick isn't active enough for you and another may do just fine.

So, there you have it! Some of the things you should know about CBD rubs for pain. Over to you; have you ever tried CBD topically for pain relief? How effective was it? We’d like to know, share with us in the comments!


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