Natural Methods of Pain Treatment

Natural Methods of Pain Treatment

4 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

The cause of chronic pain is diverse, and so its treatment. Numerous approaches such as over-the-counter medicine, mind-masterminding techniques, and exercise can be applied. However, at times chronic pain will require several methods and different treatment procedures.

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to 4 useful ways to manage chronic pain.

Natural methods of pain treatment


Some level of pain can be treated with over the counter medications while other types would require you to consult your doctor. For example, medications such as acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve pain especially the ones caused by muscle aches and stiffness.

If this type of product/drugs is not useful, your doctor may decide it’s mandatory to prescribe stronger medications such as anti-anxiety drug, muscle relaxant and anti-depressant.

Consequently, topical pain relievers are also useful and available in the form of lotions, creams and many more.  When you apply these creams or lotions, they can help soothe inflammation such as sore muscle and arthritis.

Trigger point injections

At times, when you are suffering from muscle pain in the legs, arms, lower back or the neck, trigger point injections may be effective.  The trigger point injection is carried out by out by a professional health care agent. Using a small needle the earth care professional inject a local anesthetic into a trigger point.

With the injection, trigger point becomes inactive, and the pain is alleviated.  Remember, this procedure may only provide temporary relief but will be useful for some level of pain.


Bioelectric therapy

It is important to note that the brain neurons, (the brain cells) communicate with each other and the rest of the body by sending chemical messages. Regarding pain, bioelectric therapy stimulates the body to produce a chemical called endorphins—happy chemical— which can help suppress painful sensations.

Intake of Cannabinoid Oil

There are several cannabinoids found naturally in some plant. Primarily, the cannabis sativa plant produces hundreds of cannabinoids.  In hemp plant, for example, the two main compounds in abundance are THC and CBD.

THC is the intoxicating active compound that produces the “high” effect people who smoke hemp or marijuana experiences.  But on the contrary, CBD does not work the same way.

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While scientists are researching what makes marijuana to produce that effect, they discovered a point—in the body—which these cannabinoids react with, and they name it endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Naturally, the ECS regulates different functions of the body such as how you feel when you experience pain, how you think and do things.

For example, when you experience pain, the ECS kicks in to bring things back to normal.  As a helper, cannabidiol oil extracted from the cannabis plant stimulates the “system” to produce more cannabinoids.

Despite many studies, there is little information about how CBD works, but the look of things shows cannabidiol is going to gain enormous traction, with time. However, many have found success with the intake of CBD oil Reviews for medical purposes which pain is one of those chronic disorders which CBD combats.

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