Choose the Best Dose of CBD in 2020

Choose the Best Dose of CBD in 2020


With the high and trendy momentum for organic Cannabidiol products built up from last year, CBD is trending this 2019 with dozens of different product options such as concentrates, beverages, topicals, edibles, and more.

You may be considering budgeting for CBD products soon. However, there are a few things you should consider before buying or using any form of CBD products whether gummies, oil or tincture; especially if you're new to CBD. The fact that a particular brand is trending may not be the best product for you and you may, for example, select the cbd tincture of a brand which does not have the proper dose and consequently, will not be effective for your conditions.


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Before buying a CBD product, you should bear in mind what disease you want to manage, and whether CBD products are beneficial for such conditions, else you may buy more than two CBD products that may not work for you. We don't want you to waste more money. This article hopes to give you solutions to those questions.

What should you consider before making that CBD tincture purchase? Read on.

Amount of CBD in Each Dosage

Before you select a CBD product including CBD tincture, gummies or oil, it's essential to understand how much CBD concentration is in the product. This will help you understand how much CBD is in a single dose which will aid you in determining the best dosage that may work for the indication you wish to treat or perhaps what CBD product will fit into your lifestyle.

These products may range from CBD tinctures, gummies and CBD oils and the dosages will vary based on the kind of product you're aiming at. To help you understand, let's discuss a few CBD products and their range of dosages.

CBD Tinctures

When ingesting or applying a CBD tincture, you will be using a dropper. A CBD tincture bottle contains between 15ml to 60ml of liquid content with each filled dropper containing 1ml of the content. Therefore a 15 ml will make 15 servings of a 60ml containing 60 servings and so on.

This means a 10ml bottle would contain 10servings; a 20ml would yield 20 servings, and so forth. Using this formula,

Total CBD Content in Bottle/Number of Servings in Bottle;

Will help you determine the amount of CBD that will be administered per serving. This will aid in determining the best dosage needed to adequately treat the condition you may be purchasing a CBD tincture for.

For example, consider that you have a 30ml bottle with a total CBD content of 300mg. From the formula above; you can ascertain the amount of CBD in each dosage:

300mg/ 30 = 10mg per serving.

Now, using the example above, a 10mg serving may be a low amount of CBD dosage for an adult, depending on the severity of your condition, it likely would not provide the desired relief you need.

If you were to purchase a CBD product with the above concentration of CBD, you might end up wasting your money and get little or no value for the product. This is why we strongly advise you seek the counsel of a doctor to help  you select the CBD tincture with the best dose for your condition before you purchase that CBD product. You can get the best CBD tincture on the market from cureganics, guaranteed to give you undiluted CBD concentration to meet your various needs.

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