the effect of CBD oil on anxiety

the effect of CBD oil on anxiety


Anxiety; A Normal Thing

Anxiety is a normal feeling that comes with expectancy. You are anxious when you are expecting the results of a promotional exam; you want to know if you succeeded to move to the next level. You're anxious when you have a baby on the way; you are concerned about likely delivery complications or whether the baby will be perfect.

You received an in-house email at work about the possibility of layoffs, and you might end up with no work by month end. You're expecting a gift from your spouse for your wedding anniversary, he/she is acting all mysterious about it, and you think you might be finally getting that dream car or your own house. You're all excited and can't sleep.

These scenarios are different cases that deal with feelings of uncertainty, possible pleasant surprises and downright possible discouragements that can trigger the feeling, anxiety. There is nothing wrong with being anxious about the likelihood of losing your job, get promoted or repeating your position, expecting a baby and the responsibilities that come with motherhood or being excited over a mind-blowing present.

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Till It Becomes Dangerous

However, when anxiety gives way to panic attacks, or a slow but gradual decline into depression which might, in turn, lead to restlessness, lack of appetite as well as lack of sleep, then it becomes a disorder. Anxiety disorder does not necessarily result from social or personal problems because it could be a result of chemical/hormonal imbalance, which is also a spinoff of other deficiencies.


Chronic stress may occur due to diverse factors such as work, family, health, and relationships, but how we handle stress is paramount to reducing anxiety as well as preventing the dangers that arise with mental health disorders.

When Cortisone is released into the blood because the brain senses excitement or tension, the stress level increases too. This is one major reason for hormonal imbalance, and when this trend continues, other physiological symptoms like anxiety, worry, tension, apprehension, and depression arise too. Soon enough, the patient won't need any good reason to be anxious and go into panic attacks because there has been a disconnection in the communication chain and the brain is subjected to the slightest distress.

Therefore, the hormones need to be regulated for normal functioning to take place. This is where CBD comes in. The four common symptoms that manifest alongside anxiety disorder are sleeping disorder, depression, physical tension and loss of appetite. There are various forms in which CBD had been incorporated for the treatment of these symptoms. They include oral ingestion (supplementary pill, oils, tinctures, gummy bears, chocolate bars) and vaporization/smoking(vaporizing devices).

Either of these CBD products works with the endocannabinoid system and the CB receptor which are responsible for regulating anxiety and other related issues. They help to maintain the balance the body needs to function properly.

We recommend the use of CBD Gummy bears because they represent fun, relaxation, leisure, and a carefree attitude that negates all that anxiety stands for. It gives users the impression of letting go while delivering into the bloodstream all-natural ingredients and non-GMO organic CBD hemp concentrate that has undergone a CO2 extraction process.

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Just like when you chew vitamins, the gummy bear is a safe, effective and fun method of taking CBD as a daily supplement, and the best CBD gummy bears on the market are CBD gummy bears. They offer instant relief for different symptoms of anxiety. You will begin to sleep without worries, think normally without developing panic attacks and the level of serotonin increases as against that of the cortisone. This means that you will start enjoying a balanced, healthy life. CBD gummy bears are non-addictive, but you should stick to the prescription to get maximum benefits.

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  • Emma Johnson

    This product works! Every adult should keep this at home; it always comes in handy! I gave birth to my son a year ago and had a pretty difficult long labor with a jacked up epidural where I was in pain everyday for most days I was on admission. Since I had my baby, I have been suffering from post-partum depression and needed help other than just therapy. Even after six months of exclusive breastfeeding, I still found it hard to sleep, eat and became very moody. My mum bought THC-free CBD tincture from Cureganics for me, and I’ve been adding drops to my drinks for weeks now. I feel less moody, sleep better with zero depressed feelings, and I guess I’m the most cheerful person in my family right now. This product has changed my life!

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