CBD Cooling Rub Reviews

Jayden Nelson 

Amazing product

This product is amazing. It acts quickly. It has a cooling effect on my shoulder and hip. I can now bend and walk comfortably without pain around these parts. I highly recommend this product.


Ashley Russell 

Surprised How Good This Is

I was so surprised at how incredible this product is. My husband and I are enjoying the cooling effect of the 1000mg cooling rub. Excellent product. I’ll be ordering again


Andrew Rodriguez 

This CBD Rub Is Amazing

This cream is amazing and very helpful for my wife. She applies this stuff to her neck and wrist before going to bed, and in the morning she is awake and ready to go. It is so easy to use and works as promised. Thank you


Madeline Bryant 

Highly Recommended!

This product is easy to use and not greasy. Got the 1000mg for my back and neck pain. I love this product. It is mostly everything I’ve always wanted to soothe my pain. My back and neck feel a bit better. Overall, it is a great product to try.


Mason Jackson 

Works great for me

This really helped my back while playing golf. I combine the 2000mg cooling rub with the 25mg soft gels. I use one soft gel and rub this rub on my back. I feel a lot better. It is an amazing product and I highly recommend it


Elliot Adams 

Helped with continuous use

I like this cooling cream. I have been using it for over a month and it seems to be working for me. It works fast which is more important and lasts for several hours. The applied area seemed to feel better. I’ll keep using it.


Vivian Lee 

This Cream is Great

I have tried a lot of CBD cooling rubs but Cureganics is the best. I came across it when I was researching potent CBD products to use on my arthritis. The 1000mg I bought works better than any product I’ve tried. I’m a customer for life


Ethan Gonzales 

This works wonders!!!

I bought the 1000mg but wasn’t strong enough. So I ordered the 2000mg and it felt a lot better. I’ll advise you pick the 2000mg if you want a strong and long-lasting cooling rub.


Andrew Mitchell 

Really works

It works right after application and lasts longer. Great product! This is the best form of enjoying the benefits of CBD. Great pricing and amazing customer. Application is easy and it doesn’t leave greasy stains on my skin.


Christian James 

Great CBD Product

I’m amazed how quickly this product works and how long lasting the effects lasted. This is the first topical product that has ever worked for me. The smell is strong but not too overpowering. This is another amazing product from Cureganics!