CBD Night Serum Reviews

Angel Campbell 

Amazing serum!

This is an amazing product. It keeps my sebum in check and made my skin fresh and soft. It absorbs quickly without irritation. I’m obsessed with this serum. I highly recommend it


Hailey Kelly 

Hello calm skin

This is the real deal! My acne and dark spots have finally met their match. I’ve used so many serums but non worked like Cureganics Night Serum. The anti-inflammatory aspect has lessened. It is my go-to serum


Madelynn Morgan 

This CBD Serum is What Every Skin Needs

This serum is worth every penny. You can’t find any product with a lot of ingredients (natural ingredients) for this price. If you want a potent face serum, this one is worth every penny. 100% recommended


Adrian Russell 

Highly recommended

I am so used to this face serum. It gives my skin an extra touch that no other product has ever given. The serum is fast absorbing . I apply more around my laugh lines and eyes and I’ve seen some improvement. My skin is clear, calm, plump, and soft. It is an impressive serum I think everyone should try.


Dallas Lopez 

I’ve never tried anything like this!

I was skeptical of using CBD topically. I felt did a patch test with this serum when it arrived. I’ve battled adult acne for over five years, visiting  countless dermatologists. I’ve also spent so much on expensive skincare products and they didn’t improve my skin. The first time I use it, I was surprised at how quickly it worked. My skin was clear and glowing. It isn’t expensive and doesn’t irritate. Everything I’ve used made me breakout except this product. I will keep using it


Eli Evans 

My Ultimate Serum!

I was hesitant trying this product but it was worth it. It absorbs quickly than any serum I’ve tried. It calms my sensitive skin while adding a subtle glow to my skin. My scars are fading too. I truly enjoy this serum. This is so amazing!


Axel Davis 

Magical serum!

I am in love with this serum. I did a lot of research before choosing this product. I have skin redness and this serum calms my skin. It made my skin radiant and supple. The price is reasonable too. Just purchase Cureganics Night Serum.


Isaac Mitchell 

 I like it so much

This serum sinks in immediately leaving no greasy residue. It is incredibly soothing, nourishing, and refreshing. The CBD also aids sleep. I’m impressed with this stuff. I would recommend it


Zoe Butler 


Bought this last month and it is so amazing. Not only does it make my skin smooth but it also calms irritation. I also love the CBD tincture from this brand. Best CBD serum by miles. I’m sold forever!!


Robert Garcia 

Makes my face fresh

I have been using this amazing CBD serum for over three months. It contains CBD and so many natural ingredients. It is calming and soothing to the skin. This serum is so soothing and does what it promised. I’ll be back for more!!!!