CBD Preroll Reviews

Alessandra Stewart 

Amazing stuff!

This is very smooth and very nice. It helped a lot with my anxiety. The flavor is good. It is mild but effective. Just what I wanted.


Wyatt Torres 

CBD flower pre roll

I found out Cureganics also have pre rolls which I was so happy about. It was shipped on time, neatly wrapped. It makes me calm after a stressful day. I am so happy I tried it. It doesn’t get me high. Highly recommended


Greyson Ramirez 

I Love This Pre Roll

Pain is a daily part of my life after undergoing multiple surgeries. I’ve been trying to find remedies other than pills and fortunate to discover Cureganics pre rolls. Bye-bye to pills and welcome to smoke to relief. Incredible stuff


Evan Sanders 

Great product for the price

I purchased the pre roll pack. Shipping was fast and the packaging was great. The tate isn’t harsh and taste and smoke quality are super high. They give the actual effect of CBD, which makes it wonderful. Overall, it is a great product


David Perez 

Pre-rolls that works greatly

This pre-rolls contain original CBD flowers with no fillers. I was hesitant to try this brand when I came across it. My first time hearing about Cureganics, and certainly won’t be my last. The effect was near-instant. The quality is so high that I don’t need to smoke for a long time before feeling calm and less nervous. This stuff is reasonably priced. I’ve placed another other for more pre-rolls. If you want quality, undiluted pre-rolls, just buy this one.


Henry Hughes 


I got three of this last week. It shipped quickly and the quality is amazing. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this product but it was awesome. It made me calm and chill. I sleep better at night and focus more during the day.


Ian Rogers 


Works great for insomnia and chronic pain. Good price and well packaged. I love it.


Aleena Jackson 

Amazing product!

These pre rolls are really amazing and smoked smoothly. I sleep better and stay more active during the day. I love the vegan-friendly paper used for the roll. These are quality pre-rolls I’ll be buying more.


Liam Roberts 

Highly recommended

First, their customer service is top-notch. I ordered and it arrived quickly. I’ve been getting no result lately from VA for my back pain. I bought this and decided to try. I’ve been able to sleep soundly without back pains. I’m satisfied and happy with this product.


Evan Hill 


This product doesn’t make me high. Just comfortable, happy, and relaxed. This is a big relief for the long, stressful day I’ve been having lately. I attest that this eases my body pain. Highly recommended!