CBD Salves Reviews

Layla Pugh

I’m tempted to think it’s magic

Whenever I’m done applying this salve and my pains disappear, I feel like it’s magic. I used to experience really chronic pain all over my joints as a result of stress. After using this salve for just one area affected by pain, I was sure I was going to have it always. I’ve not even had to use Ibuprofen for two weeks.


Josephine Farmer

This paid off!

I have a penchant for research and have been doing so for months. I’ve been searching for a CBD salve that with no THC at all and it took me a long time before I found Cureganics. It’s almost like it’s the only one that exists that has zero THC and that’s what made me purchase one. If you have your doubts about CBD oils, creams or slaves, I’m assuring you that there’s nothing to worry about. Plus, you should go for Cureganics if you want no THC at all.

Juana Paul

This has been really helpful

I got this before I even needed it. I stumbled upon it online and placed an order, just because I like to plan for the future, especially now that I have kids, wouldn’t want to be taken unawares at any point.

It turned out I would be the first person to use the salve. My hip and lower back began to hurt and I’m just glad I already had this. It’s amazing how the pain ceased only a few minutes later. My son later needed it for his knee and it helped too. I’d have to get another so we never run out of it.


Presley Santana

Can Finally say Goodbye to Tylenol

I’ve had to take so much Tylenol and so often because my feet started to give issues as a result of neuropathy. Even though the pills did work, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep flushing pills down my throat. I wanted something more soothing and I was so glad when I learned about this salve. It’s my new “Tylenol” and I’m going to keep it that way.


Camille Beard

No more pains. Such a relief!

Okay so I’ve lived with a nerve impingement that has affected by elbow for close to a year. Funny thing is that I didn’t bother with a drug or anything, I just stayed that way and would just pant heavily whenever the pain became unbearable.

My son got me this salve last week when he came home from school and noticed my wincing. He helped rub it in every night before I went to bed and so far, I’ve not had to wince, I’m so relieved.