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CBD Lip Balm

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    Cureganics CBD Pet Tincture Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Ann Watson
    Lips feel extraordinary! Thank you Cureganics!

    I love how Cureganics's CBD lip balm moisturizes my lips so well and soften them to the point they feel like feathers. RECOMMENDED!

    Must have it with you everywhere! Most useful product.

    Cureganics CBD lip balm is fascinating! I carry a stick everywhere with me as it comes in handy in almost every minute of my life.

    Like it better than the other ones. Can't get enough!

    My last lip balms used to make my lips irritated and tense after using them continuously due to the added fragrance. Unlike those lip balms, Cureganics's CBD lip balm has no added fragrance and never makes my lips irritated whatsoever.

    Denise Torres
    Do yourself a favor and order right now

    I bought my stick of Cureganics CBD lip balm for no particular reason; just saw it in my recommendations and got curious. I have to tell you it'd be the best thing you've done for yourself! This balm makes your lips feel soft as peaches and highly moisturized.

    Irene Foster
    Didn't know my lips could feel this GREAT!

    I started using Cureganics's lip balm based off one of my colleagues' recommendations and JESUS! I never knew my lips needed a lip balm that bad! This balm is incredible! Makes my lips super soft and hydrated. Highly recommended.

    The best gift I got so far! Loving it to the moon and back.

    I got my stick of Cureganics CBD balm as a make-up gift from my sister. Now, I feel she gave me the best gift ever! My lips don't feel cracked and pointy these days and they feel soft to the touch. Recommend it to everyone out there.

    One satisfied customer that'll buy again.

    Cureganics's CBD lip balm is AMAZING! First off, the texture is not sticky or oily which makes it seem as if you're not wearing any lip balm. It's also very soft and moisturizes your lips almost immediately. Plus, there's no unwanted taste!

    Evans Kelly
    No more bleeding and cracked skin on my lips.

    I easily get dehydrated and the fastest way its effects show on my body is the cracks forming on my dried lips. It's usually fine but my lips sometimes start bleeding and that's when Cureganics CBD lip balm helps me avoid these incidents.

    Sara Leach
    Give away your kisses without worrying about your lips!

    Ever since middle school, I never really dated anyone, as I wasn't confident about my lips, when I had to, I would say goodbye to that person and miss the opportunity to have a kiss on the first day. Fortunately, I've started using Cureganics's CBD lip balm recently and my lips are very kissable now.

    Tammy Hughes
    Lips are well moisturized and feels fresh!

    I've been sick of the way my lips were all this time and thought I'd make a change. So, I ordered a stick of Cureganics CBD balm and it did a fantastic job! It gets absorbed in a matter of seconds and makes my lips feel fresh.

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